Vision And Mission

Our Vision

The school strenuously endeavors for the quality of the means and process of education that leads to the modernization of the child’s mind and its continuous evolution and helps the child to attain excellence in the arts of learning for knowledge and learning to do, to be and to live together in the community, the nation and the global society, retaining the best in his/her culture and traditions and assimilating the best in & from other cultures.

Our Mission

We aim at giving our students a comprehensive training for citizenship – the correct approach to study, appreciation of art and literature and capability to work as a team.

To impart value – based education rooted in the rich cultural heritage and tradition of our country.

To activate academic excellence through a team of dedicated teachers.

To develop truthfulness, generosity and etiquettes that lay the foundation of profound character.

To transform the nascent mind into a literal creative idea by providing personalized tender care.

To emit pearls of wisdom and metamorphose pupils into proud citizens.

To blend scholastic achievements with life skills essential for success.

To inculcate a deep sense of self-discipline among students.