For achieving an overall academic development, our students are exposed to a variety of hands-on experiments in various labs.

Computer lab

Equipped with 20 computers, our information technology laboratory is spread in two rooms of dimensions 21’4” X 22’7” each. Other than regular practical lectures, the lab is used for by students and teachers for research work and project making. Moreover, intra- and inter-school competitions, such as TAL (technology aided learning) and computer carnival are successfully organized. The labs are also used for organizing CAP (computer awareness program for the underprivileged students after school hours. The labs are open to them for practice during the afternoon.

Physics, Chemistry and Math lab:

Our well-equipped chemical and physical laboratories encourage secondary and senior secondary students to visualize and materialize typical and fundamental concepts learnt in the textbooks. Furthermore, the secondary students are provided with do-it-yourself kits, models and robotics kits that are created within the classroom walls. The lectures become self-explanatory when the students can elaborate experiments and determine the reason to every ‘Why’. Our middle-school students are also exposed to hands-on experiments that have been mapped with our Science NCERT curriculum and are helpful in creating the right atmosphere for learning/clarifying concepts. These experiments are safe to conduct within the classroom walls.


This high-tech initiative at our school provides a platform to young minds to learn, test and understand the multidisciplinary field of design and automation.